2020 IPNE Conference Speakers

Angela Bole

Overview of publishing industry

Angela Bole is chief executive officer of the Independent Book Publishers Association (IBPA), the largest book publishing association in the U.S. serving. IBPA’s mission is to lead and serve the independent publishing community through advocacy, education, and tools for success. IBPA’s vision is a world where every independent publisher has the tools and knowledge needed to professionally engage in all aspects of the publishing industry. Prior to joining IBPA, Angela served two years as deputy executive director of the Book Industry Study Group (BISG), an organization that fosters conversation and consensus across all sectors of the book business. Before that, she served two years as BISG’s associate director and two years as its marketing and communications manager. Angela holds a Masters of Science in Book Publishing from New York University and teaches a course on self-publishing within UCLA Extention's Writers Program. In 2018, she was awarded the Book Industry Study Group’s Community Builder Award, given to an individual in recognition of significant work done to engage a representative set of book industry stakeholders. In 2019, she was named a Publishers Weekly notable person of the year.

Carol Gino
My Road to Independent Publishing

Carol Gino, Owner of aaha Books. She was also Mario Puzo's partner for 20 years and has written a new book titled Me and Mario: Love, Power and Writing with Mario Puzo, author of The Godfather. Currently, through coaching one-on-one with individual clients, her Masters in Transpersonal Studies allows her to focus on new modalities for healing, changes in consciousness, and cross-cultural healing. Carol is the author or co-author of over 8 books, including Los Angeles Times and New York Times bestsellers. She's also created several products and online programs for Nurses, Writers and those seeking their Higher Guidance.

Alinka Rutkowska

How to Become a USA Today best-selling author

USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling author, Alinka Rutkowska, reveals two strategies you can start using right now to get your next book on the USA Today best-selling list.

Tune in to discover:
- the requirements to hit the list;
- the #1 mistake authors make when trying to get on the list;
- the type of following you need to have a chance of hitting the list;
- how to "hack" the following requirement;
- a case study!

Don't miss your chance of learning how to hit the USA Today best-seller list!

Alinka Rutkowska is the CEO of Leaders Press (www.leaderspress.com), a USA Today and Wall Street Journal best-selling press, where she creates books for entrepreneurs from scratch and launches them to best-seller with a 100% success rate.  She's worked with top business leaders such as Po Chung (the co-founder of DHL International), Mark Nureddine (the CEO of Bull Outdoor Products) and Chris Catranis (the founder of Babylon Telecommunications).  Leaders Press' releases have landed on bookshelves together with Nobel Prize winners and World Economic Forums speakers. Alinka's mission is to help 1,000 entrepreneurs share their wisdom with the world by 2030. Alinka is an official member of the Forbes Business Council and her cutting-edge book creation process has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine.

GIVEAWAY: Alinka will be giving away 3 packages of her LibraryBub email service, valued at @299, to registered attendees. This is from her partners page at librarybub.com. A service that does for indie and small-press what the Big 5 publishers do for traditionally published authors. We email around 10,000 libraries* and tell them about your book and where to buy it.

Michael Marion Sharp

How to launch your book with a multicultural-diversity publisher, and why you should

Let's spend the next forty-five minutes sharing the "how-to" and the advantages of launching your book with a multicultural-diversity publisher.  I will share first: if you've written an excellent book, you have a better chance of publication with a multicultural-diverse publisher. 

Michael Sharpe, retired founder of AcuteByDesign, (AbyD), a multicultural-diversity publishing company, is also an author and publishing coach. AbyD seeks new, emerging and underrepresented writers whose books empower readers to laugh, cry, and express joy in the language of empathy, sharing, and caring.

David Hahn


Authors are encouraged to do everything they can to promote their books, but we know that time is limited, money is tight, competition is on every corner, and can anyone spell "pandemic?"  Be smart about your book promotion:  play to your strengths; do what you love; get counsel from everyone; and then pick your spots!

DAVID HAHN, Named Managing Director of MEDIA CONNECT in 2007, David oversees all the agency’s Book Publicity Campaigns and Online Marketing Services.   He also serves on the board of the National Writing Project.  An alumnus of Swarthmore College and New York University with a B.A. in English Literature, David resides in Huntington, New York.

Ian Lamont

Amazon product discovery

The foundation of Amazon product discovery lies in its search engines and product detail pages. This presentation covers both web and mobile search, keyword visibility, metadata fundamentals, detail page optimization, and best practices for product descriptions and customer reviews.  

    •    Overview of Amazon search and "the algorithm"
    •    Discovery on Amazon: web vs. Amazon mobile app
    •    Failed book launch example, and how it was saved with better title keywords
    •    Detail page optimization, including clickthrough and conversion rates
    •    Dos and Don'ts for Amazon product descriptions
    •    Side by side: Same product, two different conversion rates
    •    Amazon customer reviews & how to get legitimate reviews
    •    The importance of following Amazon terms of service

The program also gives an overview of paid versus organic search results on Amazon, and why it's important to make your own website -- as opposed to Amazon detail pages -- the primary destination for people searching for information about your book or product.   

Ian Lamont started his publishing business in 2012 with a single how-to guide on Amazon KDP. The company has since expanded to a complete line of utility nonfiction (the IN 30 MINUTES series) as well as several ancillary product lines. He uses a range of Amazon programs, including Amazon Advantage, Amazon Advertising, Seller Central, and the Amazon Brand Registry to develop and market new products, and is a frequent speaker at publishing events on Amazon-related topics.

Jeff Mayersohn

Bookselling in a Pandemic (Meeting Room 2)

The COVID-19 pandemic presents extraordinary challenges to all brick-and-mortar businesses, including independent bookstores. Apart from the immediate problems of maintaining a safe environment for staff and customers, the loss of revenue poses an existential threat. In addition, the economy may be undergoing changes that might reshape retail permanently. This talk will examine this landscape from the perspective of one independent bookseller.

Jeffrey Mayersohn, along with his wife, Linda Seamonson, have been the owners of Harvard Book Store since 2008. Jeff was trained as a physicist, and then worked on Internet technologies until he and his wife bought their store. Jeff is a member of the boards of a number of non-profits, including 826 Boston, Boston Book Festival, Boston Review, and the Authors Guild Foundation.

Grace O'Donnell

Is there an objective truth and can we as interviewers find it

Grace O'Donnell is an interviewer and filmmaker who has been crafting stories for over ten years.

She has developed over eight books, all bestsellers on Amazon. She recently conducted interviews for Areva Martin (civil rights attorney), Dennis Andrews (IBM manager at the birth of the PC) and Dan Solomon (Venture Capitalist).  "I’m passionate about exploring the human psyche. Life’s too colorful not to enjoy the banal, the profound, and of course the frivolous." Born and raised in Waterford, Ireland, Grace currently lives in Lisbon, Portugal.

Michael Boezi

 Friday 4:00-5:00 Podcasting as a Virtual Book Group

COVID-19 has forced us to get more serious about our online presence. Without the ability to gather in person as easily, we need to focus on creating new opportunities in the the digital realm.

Michael Boezi will talk about how to use a podcast to create a Virtual Book Group to 1) find new readers and 2) create fans of you and your work. It's simple to set up and run this strategy, even if you've never worked with audio before.

After an overview of this podcasting strategy, Michael will conduct an AMA on "The Digital Representation of You," taking specific questions on Web strategy, SEO, blogging, email marketing, social media, and online storefronts. Please come with questions.

He teaches a graduate-level course at Emerson College called Fundamentals of Content Strategy, and produces and hosts the long-running podcast called Marketing Without the Marketing: https://controlmousemedia.com/podcast

For more details about Michael and his current projects, please see: https://michaelboezi.com/now

Steven R. Porter

Bookstore Basics for New Authors

New authors are often surprised and disappointed at how many bookstores respond to their new book. In this session, gain a better understanding of how bookstore operations work, their terminology, what they are looking for in new books, and how to give your book the best opportunity for success.

Steven R. Porter served as Director of Advertising and Public Relations for the 176 store Lauriat’s bookstore chain, and today, he and his wife Dawn own Stillwater Books and the independent press, Stillwater River Publications. He is founder of the Association of RI Authors (ARIA) and has published three books.

Ruby Fink and James Delhauer

How to Make Your Audiobook Stand Out

A recent search showed that 1.2 billion audiobooks were produced in 2019. That’s good, right? There’s nothing like a little job security, especially with the rise of unemployment these days. There’s a problem though. With 1.2 billion audiobooks being published a year, how can you make a profit? How can you as an independent publisher promote your books and make them stand out in the sea of titles in a way that will attract new listeners without shelling out hundreds of dollars? In the past five years, I have helped produce audiobooks for Jack Rochester, Wheatmark Productions and Not A Pipe Publishing . With your permission, I am prepared to introduce a few simple techniques I have learned to incite interest with new readers andm make your audiobooks stand out above the crowd.

Ruby Fink studied Film Production at Chapman University’s Dodge
College, with a minor in Narrative and Dramatic Literature.
She fell in love with audio shows while finishing her senior year and created her own show, Mickie McKinney: Boy Detective in 2015. Since then, she has enjoyed producing many audiobooks over the last several years, including The Secret of Cyberspace Farm, Anarchy and The Adventures of Ossian Macbradaigh by Jack B. Rochester, SuperGuy by Kurt Clopton, In a Heartbeat: The Ups and Downs of Life with Atrial Fib by Rosalie Ungar and Making Sense of Life by Rich Patterson. She manages a small staff of editors, audio engineers and voice actors, who make up the close-knit group that is Faux Fiction Audio.

James Delhauer is an audio/visual engineer represented by IATSE Local 695 – more commonly known as “the sound union” – and currently serves as the co-editor of the union’s quarterly magazine, “Production Sound & Video.” Since beginning his career in 2014, James has worked as a technical expert on productions for Netflix, Marvel Television, ABC, FOX, and MTV, as well as many others. He began working with Faux Fiction Audio – a premiere audiobook boutique – in 2015 and has acted as engineer and technical adviser on their productions in the years that followed. He once aspired to be President of the United States but has refocused his efforts on raising three dogs, claiming that “That’s enough work for me.”

Jack Rochester, Stephen McArthur, Ralph Henley, and Julie Shoerke

There has never been a better time to self-publish 
Friday 3:00-4:00

The opportunities for self-publishing and working with a hybrid indie publisher just keep getting better. This panel discussion features thought leaders from book development and packaging, book marketing and promotion and hybrid publishing, moderated by a self- and hybrid-published author. This is a very interactive strategy session where we solicit questions from the attendees, to which any of the panelists can reply and proffer advice. 

Jack B. Rochester heads IPNE's mentorship program. He’s author of over a dozen business and technology books, including the bestselling The Naked Computer, but mostly writes novels these days. His website is www.jackboston.com

Stephen McArthur has been a producer and distributor of popular music and educational media (audiovisual, recorded music, and books) since 1985.  Multicultural Media Inc., which he founded in 1991, is the creator of the Music of the Earth recordings series; the Rootstock Recordings series, featuring world music artists; the MCM DVD series of music documentaries and performance films; and the world-renowned JVC Smithsonian Folkways DVD world music and dance collections, consisting of forty-one video (now streaming) programs and twenty books.   In 2014, Stephen purchased Lyrichord Discs Inc., the venerable New York recording label founded in 1950, that owns over 5000 tracks of music from a wide range of genres, including world music, classical, baroque, early and renaissance music.  He and his wife, Rickey Gard Diamond, started Rootstock Publishing (a hybrid partnership book publisher) to bring their skills to the world of book publishing.  2021 will be its fifth anniversary year.

Ralph Henley has been publishing books for over 40 years, starting as his wife’s manager, author Karyn Henley, working with publishers such as Zondervan, Standard, Tyndale, and Random House, and eventually with print-on-demand. He began advising self-publishing authors in 2015. He is pleased to share from his diverse publishing experience.

Julie Schoerke Gallagher founded JKS Communications 20 years ago. Books Forward is the book promotion and marketing company that has helped more than 800 authors publicize more than 1,300 books. Books Fluent is the publishing arm of the firm that publishes certain projects to create industry-standard level books. The firm is located in Nashville, New Orleans, New York and Montreal.   

Charlotte Pierce, Pierce Press
Collaboration for Success: IPNE Regional Support Groups

SPECIAL CONFERENCE OFFER: Free extended publishing consult for
IPNE and IBPA members! Contact publisher for details

After nearly 40 years of publishing in Seattle, New York and as an independent publisher in Metro Boston, Charlotte’s approach to publishing (and life) is embodied in her Pierce Press motto: “Collaboration is the new competition.” Working with this precept, she collaborates with authors to publish DayTripper Books (family travel); Peeragogy Books (alt. education); and Gigglequick Books (children's). Charlotte also offers book publishing services and coordinates IPNE’s regional groups program. Charlotte is an avid sculler (rower), crafter, community media producer, and gardener.

On the podcasting (video/audio) front, Charlotte launched her Face The Book TV (15 episodes) and several other podcasts, including Ready, Row! USA (85 episodes). PiercePress podcasts live-stream (video/audio) to YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, and community media stations and distributed to all major audio podcast apps. IPNE and IBPA members receive have priority booking for Face The Book TV. CONTACT: PiercePress.com; 339-368-5656

Tim Knickerbocker
Before you CREATE SPACE or look towards the INGRAM SPARK…..

Let INTEGRATED BOOKS INTERNATIONAL(IBI) give you the opportunity to control what you love. WRITE, DEVELOP and SHARE your work with everyone.After all you’re energy has been put into writing your project you’re hit with “What’s next”? Tim will guide you through all the necessary steps needed to put your project into your hands and out to the Literary Marketplace. With internally linked services that combine page composition, editorial, design, printing, fulfilment/storage and eBooks.


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