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Metro Boston Publishers, July 2017

09 Jul 2017 9:56 PM | Anonymous

At the last meeting of the Metro Boston Publishers (IPNE regional branch) in Arlington, MA, we reviewed a number of best practices for publishing websites, talked about the Espresso Book Machine at the Harvard Book Store, and discussed how to use web site builders (Weebly for example, although we discussed WordPress also), how to reserve a domain name and use it in setting up your own web site, what a QR code is and how to read one (it turns out it's extremely simple, just download the free app "QR Reader" and click on it!).

We also covered how to work with book designers and editors using what I have to come to call the ‘a la carte’ publishing method (you as author do what you want to do yourself, then contract out to others for the things you can’t do or don’t have time to do). I like that better than the term ’self publishing’ because it gives a better idea of what we really do. The old "major publisher" way is kind of like a six course meal delivered to your table, all preset (Random House, Penguin, Simon & Schuster). Our method is to pick & choose the services you need from various professionals, as you see fit. Like a buffet table. That's why IPNE is so valuable - you can find references to some of them here on this site.

I brought some ARCs (Author Review Copies) of my book, a man wearing a dress, and Glenna brought a copy of her book, Book Design Made Simple. I showed how my book is posted as ‘for sale’ by two vendors on Amazon, even though it was not really for sale until September 14. It even said there was a ‘used’ copy for sale. How could that be? The folks at Ingram Spark assured me that only the cover and metadata went out to Amazon, so nobody can actually publish my book without my authorization.

We had so much to talk about, we ran a little past noon! All hands pitched in to put away and clean up. Thanks to member Vicki Ford for bringing sumptuous snacks!

This report by Glenn Koenig of Message Rain, Arlington, Massachusetts

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