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Jack B. Rochester is a 40-year veteran of the publishing industry. He was an editor with three book publishers before launching his own writing and publishing career in 1983. His first book, "The Naked Computer," was a national bestseller. Since then, he has written 10 more nonfiction titles and, most recently, began publishing his fiction and the work of others at Joshua Tree Press. With his extensive background in every aspect of publishing, in 2009 he and two fellow writer-editors operate Business Book Ghostwriters to help businesspeople write their books. A frequent speaker and panelist, Rochester also teaches workshops in self-publishing and traditional publishing in New England.
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Book #1 Cover Image
Book #1 Title
Wild Blue Yonder
Book #1 Subtitle
A Novel of the 1960s (Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers Series, Book #1)
Book #1 Publication Year
Book #1 Author
Jack B. Rochester
Book #1 Publisher
Joshua Tree Press
Book #1 ISBN
Book #1 cover price
Book #1 Description
"Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers, eh?" said First Sergeant Wilford H. Buford. "That yer real name or one you picked up out there in fairyland Cally-forny?"

Over 650 Vietnam War novels have been published, mostly dark tales from the war zone. In "Wild Blue Yonder," Airman Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers goes not to Vietnam but Germany, straight into a military Catch-22. His assignment: writing stories for the "Stars and Stripes" newspaper which will never see print. Nate's adventure deepens as he and his fellow troops try to understand why they're there, the military mindset, and the massive social disruption roiling 1960s America. Existential, psychedelic, funny, and laced with rock 'n' roll, "Wild Blue Yonder" is the story of Nate's quest for personal and spiritual values while learning the meaning of family, friendship, and the love of the girl he left behind.

For every book sold, the author donates $1 to Vietnam Veterans of America, vva.org.
Book #1 Distributors
Amazon, Ingram


Book #2 Cover Image
Book #2 Title
Book #2 Subtitle
Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers Series, Book #2
Book #2 Author
Jack B. Rochester
Book #2 Publication Year
Book #2 Publisher
Book #2 ISBN-13
Book 2 Cover Price
Book #2 Description
The year is 1969. After an interminable four years under the boot of the US military, twenty-four-year-old Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers is ready for his real life to begin. His plans are straightforward: spend as much time as he can with his girlfriend, Jane, finish college, and become a writer.

But when Nate is denied admission to UC Santa Cruz, he decides that a bachelor's degree isn't necessarily the path he's laid out for himself. He can learn about literature on his own, and he'll have more time to write if he isn't in school. His choice doesn't sit well with everybody. Jane's father asks Nate how he'll support Jane without a degree. Jane's mentor offers to pull some strings at SC if Nate agrees to become his student. And when a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity presents itself, even Nate is tempted by the allure of conventionally defined success. Picking up where "Wild Blue Yonder" left off, "Madrone" inspires us to consider how far we'll go to remain true to ourselves.
Book #2 Distributors
Barnes & Noble, Ingram
Book #2 Awards
IPNE Best Literary Fiction, 2016


Book #3 Publication Year


Book #4 Cover Image
Book #4 Title
Book #4 Subtitle
Nathaniel Hawthorne Flowers Series, Book #3
Book #4 Publication Year
Book #4 Author
Jack B Rochester
Book #4 Publisher
Book #4 ISBN-13
Book #4 Cover Price
Book #4 Description
Set amid the tumultuous days of American dissent against the Vietnam War and worldwide student protests, Anarchy brings Tim Rosencrantz, from Wild Blue Yonder, back into Nathaniel Hawthorne's life with evil and disruption. Tim, an SDS member, avowed communist and anarchist, has had a transformation on the bombed-out streets of New York and is now a full-fledged member of Weatherman. Bent on bombing America to its senses, he wants Nate at his side. Nate, although anti-war and intellectually sympathetic, is unwilling to participate in Tim's anarchy -- until, that is, Tim blackmails him. Their lives become an antagonistic pas de deux as the stakes rise: They try to remain collegial while despising each other's lifestyle. Unknown to Nate, the FBI has Tim and Crystal, his naive teenaged moll, under surveillance. As Tim and Crystal plot the bombing of a Bank of America, everyone realizes this cannot end well -- but just how badly they cannot imagine.
Book #4 Distributors
Wheatmark, Ingram, Amazon print, Kindle, and Audible
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