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  • Board Elections. Reap the benefits of membership on the IPNE board of directors!  Apply for yourself or nominate another member HERE. 2021 nomination period begins Oct. 1, 2021.
  • Volunteer for Events. Do you love organizing events? IPNE needs you! We're seeking a volunteer to set up author panels and book readings for Libraries. For more information contact our Events Coordinator.
  • Monthly Call & Regional Groiup. IPNE's drop-in member calls are on the last Weds. of each month; and Regional Groups as scheduled. Details on our Events page.


Click here to see the 2020 Book Award Winners & Finalists

Featured members


The election for the IPNE Board of Directors has been certified! We are pleased to announce that we have a great group of talented and experienced board members who are eager to serve IPNE.  An annual meeting to introduce the new board members will be announced soon.

On our BOD page, you'll find the profiles for your IPNE 2021-2022 board members: Inanna Arthen, Kiki Tapiero, Connelly Akstens,  Ruby Fink, VP Jon Meyer, Spencer Smith, Mike Rochester, president Eddie Vincent, Charlotte Pierce, and Mike Piekny.

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Regional Group!

Among IPNE's most promising initiatives are the local groups that are forming across the region. Groups active this year include Maine, Vermont, and Metro Boston Publishers. Southeast Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are in need of coordinators, but groups have been set up and these groups have a core membership.

What does a regional group coordinator do?

Dive in, it's easy! Simply set up regular meeting spot, invite some author/publisher friends, pick a topic or speaker (or not), and presto! You have a regional group! As a coordinator, you'll get a free IPNE membership or renewal after a year and/or 4 meetings (online recommended during the pandemic), and other perks. IPNE can set up a Zoom or Streamyard session for you if you wish, and we will post your meetups on this website in our Events page so people can RSVP.

Thanks to Meditative Gardner and 2019 Book of the Year winner Cheryl Wilfong and HeartWood Press publisher Lynn Levine for organizing this year's Vermont Regional Group! Click here to join the Vermont regional discussion group.

Membership in IPNE regional branches is open to all, with extra benefits available to those who become IPNE members. Use the IPNE contact form for help starting a branch in your area, and watch our events page for existing regional group meetings.

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