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Julia Cirignano is writer from Boston Ma. She was homeschooled through high school, and graduated Endicott College this past May with a BA in creative writing with a music minor. Julia has several articles published by Limelight Magazine and That Music Magazine, and poetry published in The Endicott Review, The Endicott Observer, Mad Swirl, The New York Literary Magazine, Red Wolf Journal, and The Somerville Times. She recently self-published a book of poetry titled White Wine & Medical Marijuana. She enjoys reading American Literature, writing poetry, playing guitar, and riding her horse Leo.
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White Wine & Medical Marijuana
Book #1 Subtitle
A Compilation of Poems
Book #1 Publication Year
Book #1 Author
Julia Cirignano
Book #1 Publisher
Self-Published through Create Space
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Book #1 Description
White Wine & Medical Marijuana is a book of poetry that explores themes such as femininity, sexuality, weakness, strength, addiction, power, and profanity. It analyzes these themes, while keeping the language casual, simple, and accessible to all readers. Enjoy the power struggle between self criticism and self love, the raw life observations, and the relentless scrutinization of everyday life.
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Book #2 Cover Image
Book #2 Title
Cue the Permanent Eye Roll
Book #2 Author
Ariana Mackey
Book #2 Publication Year
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Book 2 Cover Price
Book #2 Description
Lillian Mason is a typical college student. She loves her friends, eats bagels like it's a paying job, and has an aspiring writing career at Alphera College. Her junior year is supposed to be the best of her life. She's figured out who to trust, how to have fun without creating major bodily injury, and how to write the perfect college essay. What could there possibly be beyond the surface of such an easy life?

Plot twist, college isn't just sunshine and roses. Lillian finds that out after an awful party, which transforms her college experience into something she used to love so much into a nightmare. She attempts to seek help for her injustices and is met with total opposition from the college she thought was her home. Throw a couple of ex boyfriends into the mix and it just gets worse. How will Lillian fight for control of her own life after such a horrible experience? Is it even possible to combat the evils she is being faced with? How can one girl survive it all?
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