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Finding Your Health
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Donna Markussen is a mother, wife, author, and Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, known for her fierce advocacy for taking control of one’s own health. Donna teaches us to summon the courage within to question the Western medicine approach towards disease and ill health, in order to get to the root cause of our pain and stressors, to heal our bodies.

Donna practices a holistic approach to health and wellness, through nutrition and lifestyle choices, and how they are connected. She believes we can find optimal health by establishing a new awareness through Whole Foods Nutrition, Intuition (our body’s own wisdom) and Self-Care. By eliminating processed foods that cause inflammation in the body as well as balancing home and work life.

Her new book, Finding My Way, Facing My Journey with Courage, highlights the many health challenges Donna has gone through, and through diet and lifestyle changes, she was able to get to the root cause and eliminate the need to stay on medication.

Donna offers corporate workshops, classes, and one-on-one coaching, empowering others to take back control of their body and mind to live a long, healthy life.


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Book #1 Title
Finding My Way
Book #1 Subtitle
Facing My Journey with Courage
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Book #1 Author
Donna Markussen
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Book #1 Description
Author, Donna Markussen, is an advocate and champion for those who are determined to embrace health and wellness in their life. Her new book, Finding My Way carries readers through a dark and winding path towards light, acceptance, and perspective. Beautiful, vibrant, and deeply moving--Donna’s story is a stark reminder of the necessity for strength in difficult times. Her resolve to move forward is both inspiring and reaffirming that darkness does indeed pass!

This is a story we all need to read, with pillars of strength, moments of doubt, and triumphs of spirit. The type of courage she exudes throughout her journey remains a testament to the incredible power of forgiveness, acceptance, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Instead of obsessing over the roadblocks set in our path, the author challenges us to let the light in and illuminate the lessons that each struggle can share with us. Ask not, “Why me?” Ask instead, “What have I learned?” It is time to recognize the significance of our suffering and let it mold us into a stronger and more resilient person. To help aid us in our journey to a changed perspective, the book contains a workbook companion that includes exercises to help reshape our mindset when it comes to the challenges we face.

Carefully detailed and purposefully poignant, Finding My Way plays out not as a memoir of the author’s journey to accept courage and faith into her life, but as a roadmap for self-reflection, for motivating others to seek out personal change.

Highlights from Finding My Way include:
• How the author tapped into her own intuition and internal guidance during health challenges, that motivated her to question the Western medicine approach using medication to mask her symptoms. Instead she decided to uncover the root cause of her illness in order to heal.
• See how it’s possible to tackle uncertainty with focus and determination while taking action steps towards self-empowerment.
• How important self-awareness plays a key role in our health. Learning to trust our inner wisdom, and not solely rely on the opinions of others.
• Embracing change as a catalyst towards new beginnings.
• Dismantling our old self-sabotaging habits, fears and beliefs, in order to move towards the light.
• The companion workbook will help you create more meaning in your life as you implement the mindfulness concepts presented in the book
Inspiring, poignant, and compelling to the end! A must-read for anyone struggling to find peace in this crazy world!”
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Book #2 Cover Image
Book #2 Title
Finding My Way
Book #2 Subtitle
Notes of Inspiration
Book #2 Author
Donna Markussen
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Donna Markussen, Holistic Health Coach, first shared her life with readers in her powerful personal memoir, Finding My Way: Facing My Journey with Courage. She is now publishing a volume that distills the main themes and goals of her work into a simple, easy-to-read format. Finding My Way: Notes of Inspiration serves as both a companion to and extension of Markussen’s previous work.

This series of insightful thoughts and quotations is the perfect way to reflect on your personal and spiritual growth. Markussen’s gentle words of encouragement turn the dialogue around from her own inspirational journey to your bright future.

Markussen covers many different topics, from physical health to spiritual well-being. She also shows the important connections between these different aspects of your life. A healthier body leads to a more positive outlook. Changes in your personal life can leave you feeling physically better. Even sudden events like sickness or other surprises can be a way to learn and grow.

Take a moment out of your day, sit down, and engage with Markussen’s advice. Her small lessons are the perfect encouragement to contemplate your own life and the changes you would like to make.
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