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Retired: Insurance Broker - Nationwide Insurance Company
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Mr. DeWitt is a Professional Certified graphologist and graphoanalyst, who shows how you can get a grasp of the fundamental rules of handwriting analysis and find out about yourself and others.
He is a successfully retired Nationwide Insurance Agent,coveted professional designations:
* Charter Life Underwriter (CLU)
* Charter Property & Casualty Underwriter (CPCU)
* Life Underwriter Training Council Fellow (LUTCF)
* President Conference Qualifier
(Nationwide's Highest Award)
David J. DeWitt


Book #1 Title
HANDWRITING ANALYSIS: Discover Your Own Vocational/Career Potential
Book #1 Subtitle
A Guide To Discover 40 Jobs To Fit Your Personality
Book #1 Author
David J. DeWitt, CGA
Book #1 Publisher
Outskirts Press
Book #1 ISBN
Book #1 cover price
U.S. $14.95
Book #1 Description
My book is a simple self assessment guide designed for high school,college students and those seeking a career change. It can open windows of opportunity for those seeking assistance in choosing a potential career/vocation and guide them towards a field of study when pondering college majors.

Besides being an amazing subject that can help you discover predispositions about yourself and others. This easy book links handwriting analysis with professional satisfaction and instructs you in the analysis of your own handwriting by use of samples and easy worksheets in order for you to make the best career choice to fit your own personality.
Book #1 Distributors
Outskirts Press, Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Self
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