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William Oppenheimer

Fiction Editor for Independent Authors



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Fiction Editor for Independent Authors
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[Fiction Editing: Literary | Genre | Young Adult]

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Fiction Editor
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FOCUSING EXCLUSIVELY ON EDITING FICTION....Developmental Editing, Content Editing, Line Editing, and Proof Editing.....Dystopian, Paranormal, Legal Thrillers, Mysteries, Sci-Fi, Literary, Historical Romance, YA, Steampunk......I am a published author and have edited novels for the online leader in "clean" ebooks, Clean Reads, where staff kindly called my editing "phenomenal" and authors described my attentiveness to pacing, plot, structure, and character as "fabulous."......Independent authors have also kindly acknowledged me as "all you can hope for in an editor" and "a helluva editor."......My novel "Goody-Two Shoes" was generously called "A pleasure to read" by Esquire magazine....My previous Science editing has been acknowledged by the World Health Organization, Partners In Health, and Pearson......I enjoy working one-on-one with authors, reading text to suggest opportunities where internal conflict can be aligned with external struggle......where setting (time/place/social order) and "world-building" can be flushed out more fully.....where pacing and dramatic structure can be honed and character arc can be fortified......where humor and irony can be incorporated......I also enjoy line editing and copyediting to ensure proper word usage and proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation, as well as consistency in overall style and tone......My background includes an M.A. in Creative Writing from Boston University and a B.S. from M.I.T....In all my work, my objective is to respect the author's voice: to honor the writer's vision in achieving the goals for their book: I hope to work with authors to bring their stories to life and make their words shine and ring more truly......Please feel free to find me on LinkedIn or reach out to me: wllmoppenheimer AT gmail DOT com.
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