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Fiction, non-fiction: historial, thrillers, mystery, new adult & YA
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CMP is a new kind of publisher addressing the new paradigms of the publishing world. We publish books for today’s readers: books that are good reads and available as e-books as well as in print. We publish new authors whose work is exciting and needs to be read. Our books are print on demand or e-book, eliminating wasteful printing and minimizing our energy footprint. We care about readers, writers and the environment.
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Book #1 Cover Image
Book #1 Title
Lies of Gold
Book #1 Publication Year
Book #1 Author
Jan Selbourne
Book #1 Publisher
Soul Fire Press / Christopher Matthews Publishing
Book #1 ISBN
Book #1 cover price
Book #1 Description
Their love affair ended in anger and painful consequences. Lady Katherine Ashford has guarded a secret through years of abuse. Fighting wars and hard living has numbed Julian Ashford. Then fate steps in. A traitor is smuggling gold across the Channel to Napoleon Bonaparte, and Julian is ordered back to Halton Hall and Katherine. It’s her secret and the increasing danger that rekindle the love they once shared, then a murder reveals the shocking truth of the gold smuggling. However, nothing could prepare them for the devastating betrayal when they finally face the mastermind behind this sordid operation.
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Book #2 Cover Image
Book #2 Title
Silver Lake
Book #2 Author
Gerard Poulin
Book #2 Publication Year
Book #2 Publisher
Christopher Matthews Publsdihing
Book #2 ISBN-13
Book 2 Cover Price
Book #2 Description
After losing his father, his job and his home, Tom’s friend convinces him to take out a huge life insurance policy, and together they will fake his death. What Tom doesn’t realize is that his fiance—the beneficiary—is in on the plan, too, and is in league with his lifelong nemesis, Bob Faith. With a motive to kill, all Bob needs is the opportunity.
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