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Irena Stanic Rasin


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When Hen Was on Her Way to Market
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A Folktale-Inspired Story of Manners and Illustrated Nursery Rhyme
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Irena Stanic Rasin
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Perlina Press
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In the first part, subtitled A Folktale-Inspired Story of Manners, the bossy hen is on her way to market with a basket of eggs when she muddies her foot. In a succession of demands on the local flora, fauna and villagers, Hen learns the usefulness of courtesy and respect when none of her requests are heeded. She also learns that cooperation and a bit of humility are necessary to accomplish her request.

The second part brings a universal story of a self-centered, demanding autocrat used to getting her way in the English translation and Croatian original. Linked in a chain of archetypal enmities are objects, people, and animals, all turning a deaf ear to Hen’s commanding attitude and a blind eye to her insignificant dirty little foot. This “much ado about nothing” cumulative-repetitive nursery rhyme isn’t resolved until the last character’s notorious loyalty triggers a domino-effect chain reaction that Hen finally gets the satisfaction she seeks.
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