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New Hampshire


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mystery, literary fiction
New Hampshire

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Attorney, Writer
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After transferring from the University of Redlands, in California, and graduating from Georgetown University in Washington, D.C., becoming a Peace Corps volunteer and working for two years in the Philippines, VL Towler worked as a Refugee Caseworker in the Indochinese Refugee Camps in the Philippines and Thailand for another 1.5 years. Towler, who resides in New England, speaks conversationally in several languages (Spanish, French, Cebuano, Cambodian), and was a recipient of a screenwriting Fellowship sponsored by the Writers Guild of America, East Foundation.
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Book #1 Cover Image
Book #1 Title
Severed, A Novel
Book #1 Publication Year
2015 (ebook) 2016 (print)
Book #1 Author
VL Towler
Book #1 Publisher
Inimitable Press
Book #1 ISBN
978-0-9968772-0-6 / 978-0-9968772-1-3
Book #1 cover price
$6.99 ebook $17.99 paperback
Book #1 Description
Finalist in First Fiction, Phillis Wheatley Book Awards, Harlem Book Fair, 2016.

The Louisiana parish of Nakadee, a typical town of Creoles, Cajuns, Blacks, and Whites, is more interested in its annual Hot Sauce Festival than in the lives of two eccentric celebrity writers living in the “Hollykook” house. Dr. Lula Logan, a Northerner teaching forensic anthropology at the local university—and researching the stories buried in the graves of local slaves—is reluctantly drawn into an investigation by her ex-boyfriend, a detective, regarding a severed finger left at the Police Department. As the investigation expands, she is caught up in a romantic tug-of-war with an enigmatic U.S. Congressman who turns her liberal worldview upside down. She is also thrust into the lives of the town’s colorful suspects, including a head-turning Confederate-sympathizing college student, a precocious wanna-be- rapper, and a scholarly handyman.

Everybody is connected in Nakadee, which leads to intriguing alliances among the rich, not so rich, and those on their way to being important. When the crimes become a murder investigation, Lula discovers that small towns like Nakadee are not always what they seem, and sometimes hide very big secrets.
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Inimitable Press
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