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Author of the popular and award winning series "Thomas Holland and the Prophecy of Elfhaven" IPNE Finalist award winner, and the sequel "Thomas Holland in the Realm of the Ogres" 1st place winner of Writer's Digest 25th annual international book awards in the Middle-Grade/Young Adult category!
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Book #1 Cover Image
Book #1 Title
Thomas Holland and the Prophecy of Elfhaven
Book #1 Publication Year
Book #1 Author
K. M. Doherty
Book #1 Publisher
Wizard's Mark Press
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Book #1 Description
Tom does not believe in magic.

For a thousand years the Prophecy of Elfhaven has predicted the arrival of a boy who would irrevocably change their world. But what does that have to do with Tom? With his dog Max? With his robot Chloe? When Tom’s mom and her team of scientists unexpectedly open a portal to another universe they find a world where magic, not science rules. And when Tom’s robot, Chloe, is drafted into service to explore that strange new universe, it unleashes a bizarre series of events. Events where dragons, wizards, ogres, trolls, elves, dwarves, magic and technology collide; Events that propel Tom headlong towards a war that threatens to destroy Elfhaven. Even with the help of Tom’s new-found friends, and despite the efforts of his new-found enemies, can Tom save this world or will he inadvertently bring about its destruction?

Thomas Holland and the Prophecy of Elfhaven is a fresh modern middle grade novel in the Harry Potter style tradition but with a sci-fi twist! The book has been extremely popular with both kids and adults and is the first book of the trilogy.
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Book #2 Cover Image
Book #2 Title
Thomas Holland in the Realm of the Ogres
Book #2 Author
K. M. Doherty
Book #2 Publication Year
Book #2 Publisher
Wizard's Mark Press
Book #2 ISBN-13
Book 2 Cover Price
Book #2 Description
The second book in the Thomas Holland series:

Tom and his friends restored the barrier – but that was only a temporary fix. Now they must find a permanent solution, the artifact, to protect Elfhaven for a thousand years and bring Tom and his mom safely back home to Earth.
To find the artifact they are forced to embark on a dangerous quest through the deadly Demon Forest, cross the raging Icebain River, and solve the riddle of the Cave of Nightmares.
On their desperate journey they must climb an active volcano past scalding geysers and deadly giant ice-worms.
Standing in their way are a bungling troll and ogre, a shape-shifting demon, and a demented fairy queen. With gremlins and wizards in hot pursuit only Tom’s scientific knowledge and the use of light and dark magic can save them.
Did I mention dragons?
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Book #2 Awards
1st Place in Writer's Digest 25th Annual book awards in the middle-grade/young adult category.
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