Data Mining, Indie Style

with Laura Fredericks of Describli

Let's face it: indie-publishing is hard work, and marketing strategy is one of the toughest nuts to crack, right?

Laura Fredericks, founder of the award-winning Boston startup, explains how you can leverage the power of data and analytics to make smarter book-marketing decisions - no matter how narrow or broad your niche!

Laura Fredericks is the Founder and CEO of Describli, an online suite of sales and marketing tools that use the power of data to help authors make smarter marketing decisions. She is passionate about using the lessons from startups and data/analytics to help independent authors succeed. Laura is a member of 1776 in DC and an alumni of MassChallenge and the Startup Leadership Program. She is the Program Leader for the DC chapter of the Startup Leadership Program, leading a cohort of 20 entrepreneurs through a 6-month educational incubator program. Laura founded and grew Describli while working full time as a Community Liaison Officer at the U.S. Embassy in Yerevan, Armenia.

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Marketing Strategy for Indies

Guest Expert: Michael Boezi

It's not your grandma's press release any more! Content strategist Michael Boezi will discuss and analyze how authors can expand their audience, network with other authors, and reach critical influencers. Boezi reveals why some techniques work and others fail, discusses the differences and similarities between marketing for non-fiction versus fiction writers, and the importance of owning one’s own voice on the web.

Boezi is the owner and managing director of Control Mouse Media. He spoke on Oct. 22 at the IPNE Annual Conference in Portsmouth, NH #IPNE16

Producer & host: Charlotte Pierce. Please post questions on Twitter @IPNE or in advance on our Member Forum.

ASK THE EXPERTS, Oct. 13 at 8 PM

"It's All Good!" with Gina Humber

Tonight, we welcome Gina Humber, whose children's book, It's All Good - A Book About Self Acceptance and Diversity, launched to an enthusiastic audience at the Museum of Natural History on Dec. 27, 2015. A NYC educator and author, Gina is sought-after speaker for her perspectives on on global racism, education and her approach in reaching out to empower all youth, so that their images and stories are told. 

Gina holds several degrees, certifications and notable mentions in the field of educatio, and African-American studies. Recently, Gina was featured on CTSTYLE (Connecticut Style) and is a regular on Sirius XM radio as special guest, where she discusses our society's "isms" and the development of a united front to eradicate them. Gina is also the CEO of Diversity is a Verb LLC, which creates national programs connecting students through her virtual author visits and inclusive diversity programs for the workforce.

Visit Gina's website and follow @GinaHumber on Twitter & Instagram, and DiversityisaVerb on Facebook. On Oct. 22, Gina will participate with Virginia L. Towler and Grace Anne Stevens on the "Publishing Color in Black & White" panel at #IPNE16.

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Ask the Experts is hosted by Karen Einstein
and produced by Charlotte Pierce.

Ask the Experts: The Art of Editing,
with Kate Victory Hannisian

Kate Victory Hannisian, owner of Blue Pencil Consulting, is a writer, editor and content developer who helps clients tell their stories through books, articles, and other vehicles for the written word. Kate will be speaking at IPNE 6th Annual New England Publishing ConferenceIPNE 6th Annual New England Publishing Conference 2016 on 10/21-22 in Portsmouth, NH (

Her specialties include:

    • helping her clients develop book proposals and book manuscripts,
    • polishing their manuscripts (and preserving the author’s “voice”) through careful editing, and
    • helping them choose the publication path that makes the most sense for their book and mission.

Before starting her own firm, Kate spent 17 years as a journalist, writing business-to-business newsletters on financial and business topics. Kate is an affiliated faculty member at Emerson College, where she has taught courses on book publishing and copy editing. She has conducts workshops and gives talks on writing and publishing in a variety of venues.

Kate holds a BA degree in English Literature and Speech Communications from Boston College. She is a member of the Greater Beverly Chamber of Commerce, the North Shore Business Forum, and Grub Street (a Boston-based nonprofit organization for writers). In her free time, Kate is working on writing her own novels and is a parent volunteer.

Contact Kate at or visit

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Your new book: you know it’s sensational. How can you let all those readers out there know it, too? Skye Wentworth's public relations firm provides media relations and publicity services for authors and publishers. In this session of Ask the Experts, she'll talk about cutting-edge ideas, reawakening old standards, and arming the media with the tools to work on your behalf, from press kits to author tours, to newspapers, magazines, TV, radio, and the internet.
Bring on the Book Shows! As an indie publisher, you have to get "out there," but how do you make the most of the many book shows and festivals in New England? What are the best ways to display your books? This week, we'll talk with veteran book marketer and event organizer Steven R. Porter, director of the Association of RI Authors and CEO of Stillwater River Publications, on this episode of Ask the Experts.
This week's guest experts are IPNE conference team member and series novelist +Connie Hambley​​​ ("The Charity" and "The Troubles") and Interrobang Books publisher, +LJ Cohen​​. After 25 years as a physical therapist, LJ now uses her clinical knowledge and skills to injure characters in her SF&F novels. She has created a publishing imprint, Interrobang Books. The 3rd book in her Halcyone Space series, Dreadnought And Shuttle, will be published June of 2016. LJ is active in SFWA and Broad Universe and a new member of IPNE.
A cause, professional focus, or deep-seated passion can nurture a successful publishing business. Bauhan Publishing CEO Sarah Bauhan rebuilt the family business around her own passions: New England poetry, history and other and regional nonfiction, including books that explore sustainability of the earth and the spirit.
IPNE member Melissa Ludtke takes us beyond print, multimedia and ebooks with her story of love, determination and collaboration on her sweeping mutimedia, or "trans-media" project, Touching Home in China: In Search of Missing Girlhoods. The project was recently featured in Wellesley Magazine, published by Ludtke's alma mater, Wellesley College.
Ask the Experts: OH, FOR THE LOVE OF METADATA! So much of a book's success depends on discovery, which in turn can hinge on the categories you assign to it during title setup. This session with IBPA CEO Angela Bole will elevate your knowledge and appreciation of genre categories and BISAC codes to new heights. Angela also previewed IBPA's Publishing University, held April 8-9 in Salt Lake City, UT.

BOOK LEARNING We visit the cutting edge of publishing at Vermont's Champlain College, with Molly Abrahamson and Emily Coble of the Champlain Publishing Initiative.  Champlain College undergrads Emily Coble and Molly Abramson graduated this spring, ready to merge seamlessly into the publishing world. They and other CCPI students have steered many a print, audio, and interactive eBook through the process of creation, production, and promotion. Can I go back to college, please?

A PUBLISHER'S TALE Publisher Deidre Randall talks with host & board member Karen Einstein about making fine books with Peter E. Randall Publisher, the company her father started 45 years ago, and answers your questions about how to succeed as an independent publisher.

COPYRIGHTS & CONTRACTS with the renowned Christopher Kenneally of the Copyright Clearance Center. Kenneally is CCC's Director of Business Development, and has reported on education, business, travel, culture and technology for The New York Times, Boston Globe and other leading publications. Ask questions of Kenneally via our Member Forum.


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HOW TO GET (GOOD) BOOK REVIEWS Reviews are the lifeblood of the effective indie book marketing plan. Guests to be announced - email us to add your suggestions. Hosted by Karen Einstein; produced by Charlotte Pierce.

WORKING WITH ARTISTS, ILLUSTRATORS & PHOTOGRAPHERS Artist's rep Jennifer Nelson talks about contracts, workflow, and more tips on working with those creative types who give your verbal content visual punch. Additional guests to be announced. Hosted by Karen Einstein; produced by Charlotte Pierce.

SUSTAINABLE PUBLISHING From recycled paper to the message printed on it, publishers around New England are helping to preserve the planet. Produced and hosted  by Karen Einstein; Technical producer Charlotte Pierce

E-BOOK WORKFLOW So you've decided to convert your book to electronic format - now what? Learn about the "lowest common denominator" approach for maximum device coverage, great tools for conversion, and services to use if you don't want to tackle the conversion yourself. Hosted by Karen Einstein; produced by Charlotte Pierce.

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From the YouTube Archive:

  • ASK THE EXPERTS: CONGRATULATIONS, IT'S A BOOKHow to successfully debut your titles Long before your book is off the presses, it's time to start planning its debut to the world. Host Karen Einstein brainstormed with president Charlotte Pierce on how to set up a timeline, engage your tribe or "street team" and juggle social media for a book launch. 
  • ASK THE EXPERTS: WINNING BOOK DESIGN Hands-on book design Tips for publishers & authors from designer/author Glenna Collett of Book Design Made Simple and designer and IPNE Board member Jenny Putnam of J. Putnam Design

  • ASK THE EXPERTS 2016 PREMIERE BOOKS INTO PRINT: How to talk to your printer So, how do you "FTP afile," what exactly is "gutter creep" and how much does a dust jacket add to your per-copy cost? In thispremiere episode of our weekly Ask the Experts series, Manny Motto and Paul Parisi of HF Group/AcmeBinding reveal how to successfully communicate with the company that prints your babies (wemean books!). To ask questions or contact our experts, please post on "Ask the Experts" topic inour Member Forum.

In January, 2016, Indie Office Hours became the recorded show "Ask the Experts," on Thursdays at 10; and our dailydrop-in 10 am Coffee Break became Office Hours. But you may still drink coffee (or tea) during that time.

  • Indie Office Hours: SPECIAL SALES with Brian Jud  of IPNE, APSS, & CAPA. How to capitalize on non-bookstore marketingopportunities.
  • Indie Office Hours: IPNE at Book Expo America As sea changes continue to disrupt traditional publishing, it wasinteresting to see what IPNE board member Brian Jud (APSS & CAPA), observed at this year's Book Expo America (BEA). Jud and IPNEco-founder and former President, Tordis Ilg Isselhardt (Images From The Past), attended the nation's premier book show inNew York City in May, 2015.
  • Indie Office Hours:  Hands-On with Print on Demand, Part II We invited IPNE members to drop in for Part II of a walk-through of two popular POD platforms - Ingram's Lightning Source and Amazon's Create Space, including a Hands-on design tips 

  •  tour ofIngram Spark/LSI and Create Space's book calculators and other features of these leading print-on-demand platforms. 

  • Indie Office Hours: Reach the World, Part II - Our featured guest was Terry Nathan, Chief Operating Officer of the nationalorganization for indie publishers, the Independent Book Publishers Association. Terry and  IBPA executivedirector +Angela Bole had recently returned fromFrankfurt Buchmesse, the granddaddy of the international bookfairs, where they represented IBPA members' books in a cooperative exhibit.  and host Charlotte Pierce covered theadvantages of cooperatively exhibiting with IBPA vs. mounting a stand-alone exhibit ($175 vs. about $3,000!) atthe international book fairs, how IBPA has built relationships with publishers, agents, distributors, and others in theglobal publishing industry.
Additional archives are found on the YouTube channel. 

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