Exhibit Curation Guidelines

Starting this year, IPNE exhibits at most of our book shows will be curated. Through this process, our intent is to raise the overall quality of books that readers and industry professionals can discover through the public face of IPNE. 

This process is designed to enhance the reputation of the organization as a whole and its members individually, as it does with similar organizations.

Books will be considered for exhibit if they meet A and B, below:


  1. IPNE Award winners or finalists.
  2. Winners or finalists of other established awards programs.
  3. Books accepted to previous shows under 2016 curation guidelines.
  4. Books on established trade organization publication lists (see guidelines).
  5. Library of Congress Catalog Number.
  1. Publisher has completed, signed, and submitted our curation checklist.
  2. Completed IPNE profile, including book metadata and cover images.

If you don't meet at least one of the first set of 5 qualifications, send a copy of the book by the shipping deadline of the event at which you wish to exhibit. Books that do not meet the currently posted guidelines will be returned and exhibit fees refunded; and publishers will be offered mentoring sessions and resources to help their books meet curation for future exhibits. Final curation approval rests with the IPNE Board of Directors.

Former board member Kathy Brodsky at the Boston Book Festival, 2015

Book 'em - at IPNE events!

The Independent Publishers of New England participates in three major cooperative book-marketing events each fall, and a number of smaller ones.

The "Big Three" this year include:

  1. New England Independent Booksellers Assn. (NEIBA), Sept. 20-22 in Providence, RI. Reach 1,000 regional booksellers, agents, distributors, and readers.
  2. New England Library Assn. (NELA), Oct. 16-18 in Danvers, MA (2016). Reach 600 regional librarians.
  3. The Boston Book Festival (BBF), Oct. 15 in Copley Square, Boston. Event draws estimated 15,000 avid readers, plus many key industry professionals.
The IPNE Conference Bookstore, in Portsmouth NH, is operated by members Steven & Dawn Porter of ARIA and Stillwater River Publications. Register for the conference and bring your books - members can make back the cost of the conference in book sales!*
You'll also find IPNE exhibits and members at events like the BBF's Hubbub children's festival in Boston; Bookstock in Woodstock, Vermont; New England Authors Expo in Danversport, MA; the ARIA Authors Expo in Rhode Island; League of Vermont Writers; and other regional festivals, town days and markets. Suggest one in your area!

Farther afield? Not to worry - you don't have to attend, or even be in New England, to exhibit at most of our events; though you may wish to attend when you can. It's fun to mingle and help other Indies; you'll get backstage access to excellent networking; and you'll be able to represent your books as only you can! Click here to join one of our event Project Teams.

Perhaps best of all, exhibiting with IPNE is a small fraction of the cost of mounting a full exhibit on your own and our volunteers get to know your books and represent them with genuine enthusiasm.  Please join us!

*  Unsold books will be taken from IPNE sales events (in 2016, Bookstock & BBF) to the IPNE conference bookstore; from there unsold books can be picked up by the publishers or will be donated to literacy programs and libraries.

Book Shows, Festivals & Education

Upcoming events

    • 15 May 2017
    • http://www.ipne.org/event-2317934

    IPNE 2017 Spring/Summer Catalog

    *** IMPORTANT: All registration forms, profile updates, articles, and camera-ready advertising must be received at IPNE no later than 4/30/2017. ***

    Please direct all catalog-related queries to: IPNE Catalog Team

    The bi-annual IPNE Catalog is an effective, low-cost way to promote your books at the book-trade and consumer events that IPNE sponsors and attends throughout the year. IPNE distributes print and digital copies of each issue to the highly targeted audiences of booksellers, distributors, and readers at these events and in individual interactions throughout the year.

    The 2017 Spring/Summer Catalog is scheduled for publication by May 15, 2017. This edition will be distributed at the summer and fall book events with inserts for the books individual members exhibit at each event. Volunteers are welcome to help process registrations, provide design services, and distribute the catalog.

    • BASIC BOOK LISTING $35 (publisher, vendor, bookstore members only): Full color, 1/8 page listing including book cover image, 350-character description, ISBN, and other basic bibliographic metadata. Please make sure all information is up-to-date and correctly formatted in your IPNE profile. Cover images should be available in both high and low-resolution (use Dropbox link).
    • DISPLAY ADS, starting at $45: For display ads of 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and full page, you will receive a follow-up email with instructions, after your registration and payment is received. Camera-ready ads must be submitted by April 30, and earlier is greatly appreciated. 
    • FREE DIRECTORY LISTING: All members, regardless of level, will be listed in our Directory in the catalog. Please make sure your information is correct and formatted as requested.
    Dimensions for each ad size are listed below, and under each Registration Type.


    For display ads, please provide camera-ready print-quality PDFs in the following sizes:

    • Full page = 7.25" x 9.75" or 8.5 x 11" plus bleeds
    • Half page = 7.25" x 4.5"
    • Quarter page = 3.5" x 4.5"
    • Eighth page = 3.5" x 2"

      Please send in camera-ready, print-quality PDFs in the proper size. Ads that do not meet print-quality specifications will be returned for revision. Our professional (volunteer) catalog producer thanks you for your cooperation!

      If you would like more information about cooperative and premiere-level event, awards, and conference sponsorship, please refer to our rate card or give us a call or email.

      NOTE: The 2017-2018 Fall/Winter Catalog is scheduled for publication by the end of October. Members who purchase a display ad in both editions of the catalog are eligible for a free membership extension (contact Membership Team for details if you qualify).

      • 19 May 2017
      • Online Registration

      4th Annual IPNE Book Awards

      If you have a book with a publication date of 2015, 2016, or 2017, you are eligible to enter the 4th Annual IPNE Book Awards. In addition, we offer a category (#13) open to perennial sellers that continue to be promoted and sell well, year after year.

      Award certificates will be given to a finalist and one winner in each category, to be announced at a ceremony currently scheduled for early November 2017. Each book is to be judged by a panel of librarians with category expertise and/or other qualified reviewers selected by IPNE.

      Most categories are based on book subjects and genres, design, promotional campaign, and other aspects of publishing. The eBook award will honor the best uses of technology to enhance readability and enjoyment of a book. All entries will compete within their categories, and also for the top prize as IPNE Book of the Year. 

      Depending on the number of submissions for a category, IPNE reserves the right to combine, divide or otherwise modify the award categories. The Book Awards are being run by a committee of IPNE members on a volunteer basis and one or more committee members may submit entries to the contest. In such case, the committee member submitting the entry will not take on the role of contacting or communicating with the judges that are reviewing that entry in regards to this contest.

      Please note that books and any other materials submitted by a participant will not be returned.

      Last year's IPNE Book Award winners may be found here.

      As with all IPNE programs, we have kept the entry fees as low as possible. 

      For Members, the fee is just $45 per title  (one category), and $25 per additional category. 

      Partner Members: Members of specific partner organizations also receive the IPNE member rate. Please register as an IPNE Partner Member before you enter your Awards registration.

      For Non-Members, the entry fee is $90 per title (one category). This fee includes a full-year membership in IPNE, with all other benefits the organization offers. After the first book, you are a Member, so you will pay the Member rate for any additional titles, categories, etc.

      Entries will be accepted up until May 19, 2017. However, please don’t hold back -- submit entries early to avoid a last minute rush and reduce the the chance of shipping mix-ups.

      If you have questions or could volunteer to help with certain (even discrete) tasks, please email BookAwards@IPNE.org. Remember this is an event run by members for members on a volunteer basis and we need your help!!

      Click here to download the Book Data Form (required)

      Your registration includes one of the following categories for each book entered. You  can add on as many categories as you wish for $25 each (indicate on registration form).

      1. LITERARY FICTION: Written as literary work, does not fit traditional formulas of genre fiction.

      2. GENRE FICTION: Mystery, romance, science fiction, fantasy, inspirational, etc.
      3. CHILDREN’S BOOKS: Picture book, early reader, middle grade
      6. NARRATIVE NONFICTION: Biography, memoir, nonfiction that tells a story.
      7. INFORMATIONAL NONFICTION: Directories, travel guides, how-to, self-help, reference, etc.
      8. POETRY
      10. eBOOKS: Entries must be published as eBook only or have features not present in a paper version. Submit a PDF copy per instructions.
      11. DESIGN: Cover and interior are evaluated. 
      12. BOOK PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGNS: In addition to sending book, describe promotions, author activities, reviews, and other strategies that effectively reach the book’s intended readership. 
      13. PERENNIAL SELLERS Books that were published before 2015, but are still selling well.
      Your registration confirmation email and the Book Data Form contain more information on submitting your books.

    Past events

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    05 Apr 2016 IPNE/APSS Webinar - Media & PR Secrets
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    25 Oct 2014 Boston Book Festival
    19 Oct 2014 NELA Conference 2014 (New England Library Association)
    30 Sep 2014 NEIBA Fall Conference 2014 (New England Independent Booksellers)
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    08 Nov 2010 Preparing For And Making Presentations For Large-Quantity Sales
    01 Nov 2010 How to Find More Buyers for Your Books in Non-Bookstore Markets
    19 Oct 2010 November 2010 Vendor Spotlight
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    04 Jun 2010 Espresso Book Machine tours
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