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  • 06 Apr 2017 5:16 PM | Nelson Suit (Administrator)

    Submissions for book listings and ad copy for the 2017 Spring/Summer IPNE catalog is now open!

    The bi-annual IPNE Catalog is an effective, low-cost way to promote your books at the book-trade and consumer events that IPNE sponsors and attends throughout the year. IPNE distributes print and digital copies of each issue to the highly targeted audiences of booksellers, distributors, and readers at these events and in individual interactions throughout the year.

    The 2017 Spring/Summer Catalog is scheduled for publication by May 15, 2017. This edition will be distributed at the summer and fall book events with inserts for the books individual members exhibit at each event. Volunteers are welcome to help process registrations, provide design services, and distribute the catalog.

    Deadlines for submissions and Registration Information may be found at: IPNE 2017 Spring/Summer Catalog.

  • 26 Mar 2017 8:30 PM | Nelson Suit (Administrator)

    Is your book a winner? It's time to let the world know! 
    Registration is now open for the 2017 IPNE Book Awards!

    Photo: Former IPNE President Charlotte Pierce (left) with Glenna Collett, winner of 2016 IPNE Book of the Year for Book Design Made Simple
    If you have a book with a publication date of 2015, 2016, or 2017, you are eligible to enter the 4th Annual IPNE Book Awards. In addition, we offer a category open to perennial sellers that continue to be promoted and sell well, year after year. For members, the fee to enter is just $45 per title (one category), and $25 per additional category. 

    Enter Your Book Today

    The submissions period for those wishing to enter the Book Awards contest will open on March 27, 2017 and end on May 19, 2017. So hurry and avoid the last minute rush and shipping mishaps.

    Award certificates are given to a finalist and one winner in each category, at an awards ceremony currently scheduled for early November 2017. Each book is judged by a panel of librarians with category expertise and other qualified reviewers selected by the IPNE.

    The IPNE Book Awards continue to be a favorite of IPNE members and other indie publishers. Winning a book award or being named a finalist in one not only brings a sense of personal validation, but also provides countless opportunities for promoting and marketing your book. You'll be an "award-winning" author!

    Reach Out to Give & Get Help!

    At IPNE, help is what we're about, and  we are an organization run by members (on a volunteer basis) for members. We want to support you in making your book publishing efforts a success, and we need your involvement, large or small, to make our programs run smoothly. 

    So, if you'd like to join our Book Awards curation team, send us an email and let us know your availability. Our events will run best with you on board!

    Registration Information

    To learn more about the 2017 IPNE Book Awards and to register, please visit the IPNE Book Awards registration page.

  • 24 Mar 2017 12:16 PM | Nelson Suit (Administrator)

    IPNE Vermont Workshop

    IPNE participated in two sold-out self-publishing workshops on March 21 at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier, Vermont, and on March 22 at The Galaxy Bookshop in Hardwick. IPNE Board member and publisher Charlotte Pierce (Pierce Press/DayTripperBooks) represented IPNE and explained how IPNE can help members "make better books and sell more of them."

    Photo, from left: Book editor Susannah Noel, Noel Editorial; award-winning genre fiction author Robbie (RA) Harold; Ingram sales rep Stacie Williams; and literary publisher Marc Estrin of Fomite Press.

    "Workshops like these are a win-win," said Charlotte. "The first thing that grabbed me was that two independent stores were collaborating to put on the workshops. How cool is that? It also struck me how the bookstores are motivated to hold them since they generate revenue through ticket sales and educate the sometimes inexperienced indie authors who show up at their doors wondering how to sell books. And as an indie author/publisher, participating in an event like this is a great way to develop a relationship with your regional bookstore and broaden and deepen your author platform."

    If you are an IPNE member and are interested in participating in these types of workshops and events in the future, please use the IPNE contact form

  • 15 Mar 2017 8:40 PM | Nelson Suit (Administrator)

    IPNE Board member Charlotte Pierce will represent IPNE and speak at two self-publishing workshops in Vermont on March 21 and March 22 at Bear Pond Books and The Galaxy Bookshop. More information for the events may be found below.

    The Galaxy Bookshop and Bear Pond Books Host Self-Publishing Workshops

    Self-publishing has become a major force in the world of books, and easier to do than ever with a wide range of options for authors to choose from. The volume of options can be daunting, however, as can the next steps of marketing and selling your published book. The Galaxy Bookshop and Bear Pond Books hope to educate both new and seasoned authors about the possibilities of independent publishing through a set of Self-Publishing Workshops taking place on Tuesday, March 21st, at 7 p.m. in Montpelier and on Wednesday, March 22nd, at 7 p.m. in Hardwick. 

    Our panel of experts--which include successful self-published authors, an editor, a small publisher, and representatives from IngramSpark and Independent Publishers of New England--will discuss the process, from finding the right self-publishing outlet to editing and design to marketing and beyond. 

    Pre-registration is required and may be done online at or or by phone at 802-472-5533 (Galaxy) or 802-229-0774 (Bear Pond).

    Bear Pond Books is located at 77 Main Street in Montpelier, Vermont. The Galaxy Bookshop is located at 41 South Main Street in Hardwick, Vermont.

    About our panelists:

    Susannah Noel

    Susannah Noel began her publishing career as an editorial assistant at Wiley-Blackwell in 1992. Within a few years, she had moved from working in-house on medical and scientific journals to freelance copyediting and proofreading trade fiction and nonfiction books. She’s edited and proofed hundreds of titles, including A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs, Modern American Snipers by Chris Martin, Robert Ludlum's The Paris Option, and Unbroken Brain by Maia Szalavitz. Clients include independent authors as well as traditional publishers: St. Martin’s Press, Tor/Forge, Picador, and other Macmillan imprints; Viking of Penguin Random House; Inner Traditions International; and Harvard University Press, among many others. She and her brother, Christopher Noël, provide a range of editing and proofreading services to authors through their company Noel Editorial ( Susannah lives in Montpelier with her husband and two teenage sons.

    Charlotte Pierce

    An indie publisher and freelancer, former IPNE president Charlotte Pierce started in publishing as a regional editor for Outdoor Empire Publishing in Seattle in 1980. She then served as managing editor for Home Office Computing Magazine (Scholastic) in New York starting in 1985, before moving to Boston to start Pierce Press in 1989. Charlotte grew up on a small farm in Eastern Washington and is an avid sculler (rower). She enjoys winter & summer hiking, geocaching, language learning, adventure travel, fiber arts, and all manner of crafting & making. She graduated from the University of Washington (BA cum laude) and Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government (Master's in Public Administration, 1992). An IPNE member since 2007, Charlotte has served on the Board in a number of capacities, including president, co-president, vice-president, and secretary.

    Marc Estrin

    Marc Estrin ( is an author, cellist, political activist, and founding editor of Fomite Press. His novels include Insect Dreams, the Half Life of Gregor Samsa (2002), The Education of Arnold Hitler (2005), Golem Song (2006), The Lamentations of Julius Marantz (2007), The Annotated Nose (2008), and others. With photographer Ron Simon he authored the memoir Rehearsing With Gods: Photographs and Essays on the Bread & Puppet Theater (Chelsea Green 2004). His epic novel, Kafka’s Roach, is forthcoming May 1st. Marc lives in Burlington, Vermont.

    Robbie Harold

    Robbie Harold is the author of two historical mysteries, Heron Island (2010) and Murdered Sleep (2015), as well as articles, reviews, short stories, poems, and plays. Murdered Sleep was the 2015 winner for Genre Fiction in the Independent Publishers of New England (IPNE) annual book awards. A native of Scotland, Montpelier resident, and 2001 graduate of the Bread Loaf School of English, where she won the 1999 Robert Hayduke Poetry Prize, she is currently working on two novels, one of them a re-imagining of the life of a Civil War widow. She performs frequently in regional community theater.

    Stacie Williams

    Prior to joining Ingram in 2015 as a sales rep for New England bookstores, Stacie Williams worked for HarperCollins in NYC and spent 9 years as a bookseller in a large Midwest independent bookstore. In addition to bookselling, she worked on events for the store, hosting hundreds of authors and preparing marketing, publicity, and social media materials. The daughter of a writer and editor, Stacie occasionally puts pen to page for publication and has also had the pleasure of moderating half a dozen panels at AWP. Books are her jam.

    For more information, call 802-472-5533 or visit (for The Galaxy Bookshop's workshop) or call 802-229-0774 or visit (for the workshop at Bear Pond Books in Montpelier).

  • 09 Mar 2017 6:07 PM | Nelson Suit (Administrator)

    Charlotte Pierce, current IPNE board member and past IPNE president, hosted a workshop in Arlington, MA this past weekend (March 4), titled "How to Publish Your Own Book!"

    Attendees learned the basic steps involved in producing and presenting a quality book that will attract readers. Providing a forum for questions and discussions on what it takes to publish a book, the workshop sparked creativity and interest from local residents. "It went great," Charlotte said, "the attendees want to meet regularly!" Several also planned to join IPNE.

    The success of the workshop tells us about the continued interest of residents in our communities in making and publishing books. It also tells us the opportunities we have to share our knowledge with others as we continue to expand our network and connect over this escapade of writing and publishing.

    Look for more news coming soon of Charlotte's upcoming talks in Vermont in April!

  • 14 Feb 2017 9:57 PM | Nelson Suit (Administrator)

    Do you sometimes have publishing-related questions that you want to talk to a colleague about? Why not tap into the broad expertise of your fellow IPNE members? And maybe make a few connections along the way!

    What is IPNE Talk?

    We are starting a new email group called IPNE Talk, designed for members just like you. If you join the list, you can send a note to ask (or answer) questions related to the world of book making and publishing or engage in some shop talk.

    It's not a group for promoting your own books or business nor for marketing posts and we'll police that so that the email group remains helpful and a positive experience. 

    But an occasional post about an upcoming event might be okay (especially if you are otherwise an active contributor to the email group) and you might ask members for an opinion about two different book cover designs or maybe you want to ask about an issue that's come up while you are using a POD printer or perhaps whether a particular software or tool is helpful for the publishing task you had in mind. Well, you sort of get it. Questions you might ask a fellow publisher or publishing creative if you could meet her for tea or biscuits.

    More than being a resource, it could be a great opportunity for IPNE members to engage and connect with one another. But it'll only really work well if you join and you ask other IPNE members you know to join as well!

    Can anyone join?

    Any IPNE member, whether publisher, vendor, librarian, student, illustrator or other, can join. It doesn't matter what category of membership you have. And while there is no direct marketing of your business as part of the posts, vendors are especially encouraged to participate. You have expert knowledge publishers and other IPNE members are looking for and participating will help you connect with the membership.

    Why should I join?

    To tap into the expertise of other IPNE members, to help other IPNE members with issues you know about and to connect with other publishing creatives who do what you do.

    How do I join?

    1. Go to this link: IPNETalk

    2. Enter your email to subscribe.

    3. Wait for a email from Google Groups and click on the link on the email to confirm that you indeed want to join IPNETalk.

    4. We'll double check your email against the membership list and then approve you. That's it!

    If you are using a email address other than the one used for your IPNE membership and your name is not obvious from the email address, please send a note to IPNETalk[at] using the email you wish to subscribe and place "IPNE Talk Name:" and your name on the subject line.

    We wish to remind IPNE members that there other other ways to ask questions and connect also. You may wish to visit the IPNE Office Hours, view the Ask the Experts videos, visit the IPNE Facebook page and join the IPNE Members Facebook Group and follow IPNE on Twitter. You can also contact a board member with an idea or if you wish to volunteer for a project by going to our Contact Page or Project Teams page. 

    But if you will not come to us, IPNE Talk can come to you ... right to your inbox. 

    Talk with you soon!

  • 08 Feb 2017 10:55 PM | Nelson Suit (Administrator)

    There's a new board in place and lots of work to be done - but most importantly, we're here to serve you, our members. What do you need? What would make your membership valuable? How can we help? 

  • 28 Jan 2017 11:15 PM | Nelson Suit (Administrator)

    IPNE Board orientation and election of officers took place this morning (January 28) at HF Group/Acme Binding. Look for increased member outreach and engagement, and a focus on helping members "make better books and sell more of them," in 2017!

    Congratulations to new IPNE Co-Presidents, Jason Davis and Eddie Vincent, and to new Vice-Presidents, Rona Gofstein and Anastasia Antoniou!

    Besides the new officers, those attending the January orientation meeting included Charlotte Pierce, Karen Einstein, Paul Parisi, Margaret Parisi, Nelson Suit and VL Towler.

    The Board of Directors bios may be found here. Contact us and get involved in your organization!

  • 01 Dec 2016 10:07 PM | Nelson Suit (Administrator)
    • Writers Business School Workshop
    • Project Team Reports
    • Board Elections
    • HF Group Printing Plant Tour

    Our Annual Meeting will be on Dec. 10 at HF Group, Charlestown, MA. Get involved, share your experience, learn something, and help make IPNE the best it can be! You can vote onlineprint & mail a ballot, or attend and vote in person. If you attend,you'll enjoy refreshments, networking, and a chance to discuss publishing with IPNE Board and project team members. 

  • 01 Nov 2016 10:47 PM | Nelson Suit (Administrator)

    3rd Annual Book Awards Winners!

    And that's a wrap! Thanks to all for a successful 2016 Annual New England Independent Publishing Conference & Book Awards on Oct. 21-22, Portsmouth, NH. We would like to express special gratitude to our volunteers, attendees, speakers, exhibitors, and sponsors for making this a productive and memorable #IPNE16!

    Sponsors & Exhibitors

    Please help us reach out to thank our sponsors & exhibitors, whose contributions help keep conference prices affordable: Independent Book Publishers Assn. (IBPA); HF Group/Acme BindingFriesen PrintersForeWord ReviewsMcNaughton & Gunn printers: Endangered AlphabetsEncircle PublicationsPierce PressJ Putnam DesignFriesens PrintersJill Cofsky, Voice ActorRed Moon WritingDiversity Is a VerbDescribli and Bookbuilders of Boston. The Conference Bookstore was again expertly operated by Steve and Dawn Porter of ARIA and Stillwater River Publications.


    David R. Godine

    Friday's opening keynoter was the celebrated Boston independent trade publisher David R. Godine spoke on the topic, "An Antiquarian Looks to the Future." 

    After the 3rd Annual Book Awards were announced, and Deidre Randall and her father, Peter E. Randall, were honored with IPNE's 2nd Annual Independent Publishing Achievement Award. A reception followed, with music by IPNE member Steve Carter
    On Saturday morning, IBPA CEO and Executive Director Angela Bole provided practical publishing tips and a healthy dose of #indiebook optimism. In addition to her role advocating for independent publishers at IBPA, Angela is an expert on the all-important topic of book metadata and category codes. Angela Bole
    On Sat. afternoon before our Ask the Experts Q&A, we were inspired by the inimitable Tim Brookes of the Endangered Alphabets Project and past director of the Champlain Publishing Initiative, and his collaborator Maung Nyeu of HGSE and founder of Our Golden Hour cultural preservation project. Maung has begun publishing children's books for this project.
    Tim Brookes
    Workshops & Panels
    At IPNE, we believe wholeheartedly in the value of hands-on, practical knowledge transfer in a variety of formats targeting diverse learning styles. That's why we designed a smorgasbord of pithy interactive and hands-on sessions for you to choose from. Check the final schedule for changes and additions. Presentations will be made available shortly to conference registrants.
    We were especially excited about this year's theme, "Collaboration Is the New Competition." Even though the Conference is past, continue to let us know: How do you collaborate to produce, publish, and market your books? What services or assistance would help you most? What talents and skills can you offer others? 

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